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Choose from Cessnas, Cirruses, Gulfstreams, Challengers, Hawkers, and even VIP airliners for larger parties, business groups, sports teams, and more.

Luxury ground transportation can be arranged as well, dropping you off right on the tarmac at your preferred airport. Small planes and helicopters can also be arranged to quickly navigate your away around LA after your private jet arrives.

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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Private Jet from Chicago to LA?

The cost to rent a private jet from Chicago to LA starts at around $30,000* for a one-way flight in a super midsize jet with 6 passengers.

Chicago to LA

* Example prices are based on previous flights and market averages. Additional services including de-icing, catering; additional flight time due to weather or ATC; internet charges, and ground transportation are billed separately. Rates and aircraft availability subject to change based on scheduling, re-positioning, fuel prices, and more. Additional airports in Los Angeles are available for your flight, and may increase/decrease your charter cost. 

Chicago Airports

There are several airports in Chicago to use for your departure, from Midway, O’Hare, DuPage, Chicago Executive, and Waukegan National, to more than a dozen smaller airports surrounding the Windy City.

Los Angeles Airports

Los Angeles and surrounding areas of Southern California are home to more than 20 airports for private jet charter flights. Van Nuys Airport is the main private jet hub for LA, where VIPs are celebrities depart via private jet from the Hollywood area. Although Van Nuys is the preferred option, we can arrange for your flight to depart out of any of the following airports in Southern California.

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